Better Business Energy Contracts for SMEs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou may not have heard of Love Energy Savings – they are an online price comparison engine for the business energy market. The thing that makes this very different to the consumer market is that business energy contracts often end up rolling over if the customer (or SME) doesn’t switch energy provider soon enough. The commercial gas and electricity markets are slightly different for businesses. Contracts can last 2-3 years so being locked into a business energy contract after being rolled-over onto a high tariff is a business nightmare.

The consumer market is much more regulated by watchdogs such as Of gem and consumer pressure groups protecting and questioning industry standards. The business end of things is not as open and transparent as the consumer market. Love Energy Savings is trying to bring sanity to a difficult market. There aren’t in fact that many price comparison websites online for the business energy market, at least ones that provide accurate and transparent pricing.

If you’re a traditional consumer looking for a better gas and electricity deal, or looking for an electricity supplier that is more of a net investor into renewable energy, there is an abundance of price comparison sites – not the same for business markets. The business end simply promise to call back but rarely do with decent info. So why is this company so different? A spokesman for Love Energy Savings said, “Businesses should have the freedom to compare their electricity and gas prices to try to save money. We provide a hassle free service where we find the customer a cheaper or greener commercial gas and electricity supplier. We manage the switch and make this an easier job”.

“We’ve also got energy industry news, tips and advice about running a business, looking after the environment, and energy saving tips”