Can You Personally Make A Difference To The Environment? Yes, Here’s How…

You might not think it, but your contributions to saving the planet do matter and they will add up after a while. Even now you may be asking yourself if you could possible make a real difference for the environment.

The truth is, there are many ways for individual people to reduce the burden they place on the planet. Some changes will be more effective than others, but here are three good ways to reduce your carbon footprint without making big changes in your lifestyle.

By utilizing all three of these together, you can make a difference for your environment and the environment of the people nearest you. They might not be the easiest changes to make in your life but nothing worthwhile has ever really been easy and saving the environment we all live in is definitely worthwhile.

Drive Less

This is technically easy but most people won’t want to do the walking, biking or other exercise it will take to get around town without a car. Like most new things, it’s best to start small and work up to more complicated matters.

To successfully drive less often then, start walking short distances; if you have a favorite corner store or market just down the block, foot it instead of driving. It will save you a bit of gas and keep some carbon monoxide and other fumes out of the atmosphere. That’s good for the environment and you too as you’ll be getting a little bit of a workout instead of sitting and riding everywhere you want to go.

Alternatively, you could use some higher quality fuel, though this could make your travels 10% more expensive or worse. Any emissions not being emitted are a plus for the environment which is already so choked up with car and business exhaust that holes are opening up in the ozone layer.

Recycle Scrap

If you’re looking for a way to make a big difference and maybe earn some money in the process, you could start a recycling drive. Ask people in your neighborhood if they’re just throwing out aluminum cans, copper wire and other valuable metals.

Tell them you’ll be happy to come pick the stuff up at the end of the week so they don’t need to deal with it on their own. Appealing to the laziness in some people is really the best way to go and you might not think it, but you will get some affirmative responses if you try this.

Collect all the scrap metal you can find and take it to your local yard. You’ll get paid for your time and the metal’s weight and you’ll be making a difference in your local environment by e-waste recycling  and getting lots of dangerous metal trash off the streets.

Stop Dumping Dangerous Things

People take advantage of exterior sewers to do illegal dumping all the time. As long as you aren’t one of those people, you’re doing good by the environment and helping it to not get worse, at least.

Things like used cooking or automotive oil are toxic and must be disposed of properly. Simply dumping them into the water supply ensures a harder job for the machines and people trying to make the same dirty water drinkable again. Besides that, poisonous sludge isn’t good for any of the life it comes across on the way to being purified.

Dumpers kill fish and tons of other things living in, on and around big bodies of water. Programs exist to dispose of these things safely and securely, without costing you a cent. So, there’s no reason whatsoever to do illegal dumping. If you can’t keep yourself from being this lazy, you might need some help.