Eco Friendly Products: 7 Best Ideas For Green Living

Green living is a great way to improve your overall life, save money and help create a more eco-friendly environment. Now more than ever, it is important for people to take action and begin preserving the environment. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways you can help the environment, and here are seven of the best ideas for living a green life.
1. Avoid Animal Products
Items containing leather, furs, ivories, pig or any other living creature harm innocent animals during their making. Furthermore, it negatively affects our environment. By eliminating the use of these products, you make a statement that these animals have a right to live peacefully in their natural habitat and help keep our ecosystem balanced.
2. Implement Recycled Goods
Elephant market bag - Fair Trade Jute
Choosing products created with recycled items is a great way to lower your carbon footprint. Several companies produce a wide array of products made from used items and goods. These companies transform what some would call garbage — such as paper, textiles, fabrics, tires and tubes — into stunning rugs, baskets, purses, decorations, articles of clothing and table covers.
3. Use Organic Cotton
The use of organic cotton is on the rise for both eco-friendly shops and fashion designers. Grocery bags, carry bags, cotton clothing, designer bags, twines and yarns are a few of the items you can buy that are made from organic cotton.
4. Bamboo Clothing
The longest grass in the world, bamboo has various benefits that make it ideal for eco-friendly clothing. Fashion designers have recently started using bamboo in their apparel and accessories. Clothing created from bamboo is generally silky soft, durable and less expensive than silk.
5. Consider Jute
A common myth about jute is that it is nothing but a large potato sack, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Doing a simple search for jute products will show you all the beautiful and colorful items you can purchase made from this versatile product. Carpets, bags, rugs, floor mats, furniture, window blinds and footwear are a few of the items being made from jute.
6. Recycled Paper
Every year, millions of trees are cut down and used in paper products such as newspapers, notebooks and currency notes. By using products made from recycled paper, you help reduce the amount of trees that are unnecessarily chopped down. This simple act can help save the lives of thousands of trees.
7. Vegetarianism
This is a big step that shouldn’t be considered lightly. Even though vegetarianism can help contribute to the environment by helping reduce global warming and food shortage, while reducing the mistreatment of animals used for food, you should always consult your primary care physician before changing your diet.
Our environment unfortunately deals with many common problems including poisonous gases caused by non-environmentally friendly companies, a decrease in the amount of trees, toxins spewed into the air, increased population causing a decrease in cultivation areas, non-biodegradable materials and vanishing forests. By adopting a green living concept in our daily life, we will improve our overall health while preserving our environment.

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