Even Hairdressers Need Insurance

As part of their business, hairdressers must interact with the public. This of course would include clients who come in their salon to have things done to their hair. Also, third party people come into the salon to fulfill the role of service people or sales people. With so many people coming in and out, there is potential for them to become injured while in the salon or on the property. They may even have damage done to their property. As a result, claims may be made against the business. That where general liability insurance comes in play.

The tools used in the hairdressing trade could even pose risks to customers and third parties. Tools such as scissors and razors are sharp and can cut things beside hair. Hot appliances like curling irons or hair straighteners could cause someone to be burned. Not to mention the plethora of chemicals used in certain hair treatments. With all of these risks it is easy to why hairdressers should have some sort of protection. This protection comes in the form of general liability insurance.

Public liability insurance would help hairdressers in the event that one of their customers or another third party individual sustains some sort of injury while on their business premises. The hair salon may have company liability insurance as well. The injured individuals are entitled to some sort of compensation for their injury under the law. Sometimes they will make a legal claim. This will necessitate some sort of legal representation for the hair dresser. Having legal representation can sometimes help negotiate the claim so that it can be settled out of court. However, despite the best efforts of both parties, court cannot be avoided. Again, legal services will be needed which can lead to some serious legal bills. With public liability insurance, these legal services would be covered as well as any damages that must be paid to the injured party.