Top 7 Green Apps that can help you Live Sustainably

Living in the 21st century makes me wonder what Alexander Graham Bell would have thought had he been alive to see the mobile and the variety of applications that run on it.  Mobile applications, also called mobile apps, is the current, trendy term used to describe Internet applications for smartphones.  Mobile apps help you connect to Internet services on portable devices with ease.
Today apps are an important part of our life’s and if you’ve never given any thought to switching over to a lifestyle that sustains the environment or are unaware of how to do so, let your mobile phone change the way you complete regular day to day tasks with the following 5 great apps:
Who does not want healthy products to sustain one’s self?  Well the GoodGuide app comes to you free of cost and does exactly that.  It is easy to use and rates a wide range of products that are connected to your health, the environment and your society.  Simply use it in the comfort of your home or while you shop.  This app features a bar code scanner that scans the barcode of the item that you are interested in and instantly gives you its relevant ‘green’ information.  You can also find details of similar products with their ratings and attributes in the same category.
Control4® MyHome 
Wouldn’t it be great to control all the electrical appliances in your home from just one spot? Well fret no more and cosy up with the Control4® MyHome app in the palm of your hand.  This amazing app is easy to use, convenient, gives you peace of mind and will help you control your home from your mobile within your WiFi network if it is a Control4-enabled smart home.  . Your security system, lighting, home theatre, thermostat are just among the few things in the long list of things that you can control with this app.
inBloom is another helpful and user friendly app.  It helps you locate environment friendly and organic businesses situated in and around your locality.  It is a directory that has a detailed list of rated businesses and maps that support the green theme.  With this app you can find businesses that suit your requirements from the food you eat to the supplies that you buy for daily use.
Meter Readings 
This money saver app will surely convince you to ‘go green’.  Meter Readings help you monitor your electricity, gas and water consumption in turn keeping a check on your utility bills.  Based on the energy reading that you enter, you will get a graphical indication of your household’s monthly usage.  You can also get an energy utilization reading on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  One can compare these statistics with previous months and also get an idea of your forthcoming bills.
Light Bulb Finder 
If you are trying to cut down on utility bills then this is the app for you.  With LIGHT BULB FINDER you can make your lighting more energy efficient.  All you have to do is enter your zip code and some basic data of the current lighting in your home and it will instantly calculate the cost and help you identify how you can cut down with energy saving tips and recommendations. Why spend unnecessarily when you can have stylish equivalents in your home that are energy efficient.
Are you still having second thoughts about switching to a ‘Greener’ lifestyle?  Go green and go now!