What One Should Know to Live Green

When the soil disappears, the soul disappears. – Ymber Delecto
What does it mean to live green?
To live green means to take a path that enables you to live in harmony or to co-exist with nature.  Everything you use, wear, eat and build should be ethical and contribute to the well-being of the earth without any long term damage to it.  It is a personal, lifestyle choice, one that is balanced by not only taking from the earth but also by giving back.
This has to be a conscientious decision and it is one that only you can make when you realise how each and every decision that you take effects the lives of the people you interact with and in turn, nature around you.  Act and live your life in a responsible way, keeping in mind the consequences of your actions.  Some of the biggest reasons for you to go green would be for your own health, to save money and to save the environment.  Do not fret, because it’s never too late to try and enjoy it at the same time.
Start with your own health.  Switch from using personal products with a truck load of chemicals to more natural and organic ones.  Going green will keep you healthy because you can choose alternative medicine that heals from the inside rather than just superficially.
If you do not grow your own produce then find local farmers who will be glad to add you to their list of customers so that you can avail of food that fresh and seasonal .   Opt for farm grown organic vegetables and fruits that are grown with home-made compost rather than those that are drenched in fertilizer.  Substitute canned and preserved food with healthier greener groceries.
Choose to live with items that sustain the environment.  Of late many businesses have sprung up that support the green theme whole heartedly and their products range from clothes to furniture to vehicles.  Most of it is fitted with, recycled, or made from sustainably harvested material.
Today we have technology in the palm of our hands.  Sustain your lifestyle with ‘Green’ mobile apps.  These can change the way you complete day to day activities with an amazing variety of user friendly applications.
How many people take the same route to work as you? Have you stopped to think of a carpool? Four people using a single vehicle means three less cars on the road.  You’ll save fuel and in turn save money along with less carbon emission.  Walk to work if it’s near or cycle.  You will be active and healthy at the same time.
Last but not the least avoid wasting water and precious resources.   We are fortunate enough to sit in front of our computers and read this because we have a privileged lifestyle. Many, in countless regions, are not fortunate enough to even have a few drops of the water that we waster in our bathrooms.  Conserve energy, install water efficient appliances and recycle whatever you can.  Opt for cloth bags instead of plastic.  Find creative ways to use empty containers instead of throwing them out.  If you are not using something, think of donating it to the less fortunate rather than just dumping in the waste bin.  Sort your trash in wet and dry containers so that every bit of it can be recycled easily and efficiently.
In the end let your life be a living example and your message to the world.  Unite and try to do your bit to live a greener and more sustainable life wherever you are because finally, the earth is the only link we have.